Welcome to Shadowtown, Chummer.

We got us our own little slice of the shadows down here. You can get almost anything you want, at a price. What’d ya expect, this ain’t no charity. Knight Errant stays out of Shadowtown most of the time, but don’t go pushin’ your luck. Its our luck too, chummer, and some of us don’t take too aweful kindly to havin’ to answer awkward questions. Somebody down here pays a lot of money to keep those arseholes outta our faces. Don’t go screwin’ it up.

So we got us a lotta shadow style merchants and such down here. When it comes to meetin’ places though, everybody crams themselves into one of the big three. Bars, runner bars. There’s three of ‘em that matter. Pick one and stick to it, people around here they like their territory and they don’t like new runners coming in and dirtyin’ the job market. So there’s Oblivion, high profile, filled with elite runners, ya know, the kind you ain’t. Then there’s Marty’s, I know, don’t sound like much, but its filled with all the crunchy shadowy goodness an up an coming runner could want. They got good food too. Then if your feelin’ a bit more moist if ya catch my meanin’ there’s The Dark. That place is rough and has a rep among the trolls, so I’d watch my back there if I was you.

Infinitech Rising